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Priscilla Lee, CSI-EP, CDT

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I'm a poet who has published work in Ploughshares; The Kenyon Review; ZYZZYVAMaking More Waves: New Writing by Asian American Women; The Place That Inhabits Us: Poems of the San Francisco Bay Watershed; and other journals and anthologies. Three of my poems appear on the Poetry Foundation website. I'm working on a screenplay that expands on my poem, "Burnt Offerings: Mother's Day at the Lee's, 1999."

My husband George and I live in San Francisco with our cats, Porter and Clemons. George is the former guitarist for The Stains (Boston) and Ghost Walks (Portland, ME). On weekends, George and I love to go thrifting, a dig fest for unusual things. Fave scores: a signed JFK Profiles in Courage, a signed first/first of Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and a "Chope Visage" 1959 ceramic pitcher, Picasso and Madoura Plein Feu Edition. ("Look Hon, a big coffee cup from the museum shop for the Picasso exhibit. Sort of ugly. Should I get it?" I hadn't looked at the bottom.) If thrifting sounds fun to you, I recommend a good allergy pill and a pocketful of 2-ply tissues before heading out. (BTW, we sold the items before Porter and Clemons could attack them.)

As a technical writer, I've more than 20 years' experience writing and editing technical documents for end-users, installers, integrators, security administrators, application developers, and customer support engineers. I began tech writing at ten, trying to sort out the nouns and verbs in my father's handwritten lab reports, and then, typing them up. (English wasn't our first language.) I can't stress enough the importance of writing that is easy to translate.

From twelve onward, I collaborated with my father on translating documents and filling out legal forms to bring over Chinese relatives, relatives of friends and neighbors, and relatives of people down the block. My father read the Chinese, and I tackled the English. We brought close to 50 people into the US. Sometimes, families thanked us with whole chickens--their heads and feet still on--in clear plastic bags, copper-clad-bottom pots and pans, or Johnnie Walker Red. Later, I tutored them for their US citizenship tests or their kids in writing five-paragraph essays. I recently made adaptive learning flashcards for the 100 civics questions and answers for the naturalization test.

Now, for something different...

Construction-related writing experience
• Edited 115 training modules for the qualification of senior electrical technicians who work on medium to high voltage distribution equipment.

• Produced interactive pre-qualification, core curriculum, and lessons learned training modules for the Data Center Academy.
• Edited 122 low, medium, and high risk procedures. Standard operating procedures (SOP) described how to perform procedures that were part of normal equipment operation. Maintenance operation procedures (MOP) described how to perform maintenance operations on data center facility equipment. Emergency operating procedures (EOP) described procedures to follow when emergency situations occur.
• Edited construction-related manuals that included processes and requirements for design architects and engineers of record (A/E) and contractors.
• Updated data center master specifications and design narratives/design guides.
Edited owner's program requirements (OPRs) for data center security, data center facilities operations, logistics, and so on. 
• Created roughly 140 checklists for commissioning agents and mechanical/electrical equipment installers.
• Cleared the backlog of global data center procedures to ensure critical procedures were available.