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Mrs. Mirelys Calise

Architectural Designer/Owner

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Mrs. Calise is taking the leap of faith and starting anew in the beautiful city of Knoxville, TN. Her qualifications and experience give her a unique advantage since she has been involved in so many roles and acquired knowledge and experience in different areas of the design profession. Some of her project participation includes Architectural design in the Traditional and Contemporary style for residential and commercial projects, Urban Design including neighborhood design, infill projects, and Interior architecture/renovation for residential, retail, and office. She states: “I have learned that in order to do what I love, I don’t have to settle or to be content with doing one thing everyday over and over like in “Groundhog Day”. Instead, I have woken up in a brand new day and I have chosen to be creative, to expand even more my knowledge and freely share with others”.
Mrs. Calise’s experience ranges from local to International projects. She possesses a high skill level in the design of graphics and presentations, allowing her to express ideas visually in a clear and concise way. Her portfolio of work exemplifies it and it is an expression of her diversity and skill level as a designer and as a professional.

Urban Design, Traditional/Regional and Contemporary Architecture, Space Planning, Building Renovations, Permitting, Computer Generated Graphics, Photography, Digital Art.

Teaching, Volunteering