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Cynthia Belisle, RA, FCSI, CDT, SCIP

Belisle Consulting, Inc.

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Belisle Consulting, Inc.


I am a Registered Architect who specializes in providing senior level consultation services to design professionals, architectural firms, construction specialists and building product manufacturers. With 20+ years of professional experience in the design and construction industry, I am well versed in facing market and region specific challenges and delivering targeted solutions. I am a problem solver with highly developed research, information analysis and project assessment skills.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated success in identifying previously unknown sales opportunities for clients offering specialty products and services. I excel in conducting in-depth market analysis in support of increased brand awareness and the development of effective market penetration strategies. I utilize an analytical and logical approach to organize, sort and assess large quantities of data. I have been recognized for providing focused sales leads which reflect the specific criteria of individual clients, resulting in enhanced sales and growth outcomes.