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Kimberley Anderson

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I have the sweetest gig ever! When I was hired at Larry M Jacobs & Associates in late 2017, the president Keith Jacobs said they were looking for someone to connect with the community, pursue new work, and tell people about our company’s capabilities. Keith wanted someone that genuinely enjoyed interacting with people. Not knowing anything about the geotech world except what I found on YouTube (which is hilarious, by the way), I knew LMJ was the place for me. My husband and I have to set timers on our phones to remind us to go home. (He is an electrical engineer at a firm here in Pensacola, and we both love what we do!) 
The old adage “you’ll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do” is the truth. My two boys — 7 and 8 — wear their little LMJ shirts with pride as often as they can. They can give you an elevator pitch about LMJ, because they hear Mommy talking about all the cool stuff we do. 
When I’m not chasing geotech intelligence, trying to break into the FDOT world, planning SMPS events, volunteering with civic groups, and completing “duties as assigned,” I am either at church, training for a half marathon, baking, or on the water pretending to fish while I get a tan.