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Mr. Craig Stanton, CSI, CDT, SAME

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Simplified Construction Group, LLC


Being in the construction industry for 20 years has shown me a lot of things. I am one of the lucky individuals that have been able to work in most parts of the industry. I have worked for municipalities working on construction site inspections. I have been blessed to be able to work for architectural and engineering offices preparing documents plans and specifications as well as performing the necessary research to make sure that our clients use the proper materials for the job that they are envisioning. And more so, I've been lucky enough to work in a lot of areas of construction from civil work with highway lighting and traffic signals to hospital laboratory clean rooms, and most things in between.  Being able to bring that knowledge to the certifications that we offer in making them more accessible Constructor portion of our membership base there's something that I think is extremely important. To open up these certifications to the constructors would allow for better communication and understanding of the specifications and documents that architects and engineers produce.

This is something that I work on every day as I teach at a Community College as an adjunct professor working with students in the topic areas of construction documents construction drawings, construction methodology, and safety and loss prevention. We have fully integrated into our curriculum the use of the CDT as well as making sure our students have a concrete understanding of MasterSpec and UniFormat and how it applies to them in the construction process. I think this experience would be a good start to helping open these certifications to more construction professionals, and not just architectural and engineering professionals. I am very passionate about the construction environment and sustainable technology.