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Ryan Nierengarten, CSI, RCI
Senior Facilities Professional
Terracon Consulting, Inc.

13400 15th Avenue N, Suite A
Minneapolis, MN 55441
Phone: (763) 489-3116
Mobile: (763) 347-0313

Ryan Joined CSI and the local chapter to expand on his knowledge and skills that he has acquired as a consultant, to obtain his CDT certification and to increase networking opportunities with others in the industry.

As a Senior Facilities Professional within Terracon’s Facilities Engineering Division, Ryan’s responsibilities include client development, project/program management, quality assurance and technical expertise. He helps to ensure that inspection protocol and assessment methodologies comply with the requirements of the scope of work and that the reports are issued in a timely fashion. He works with facility owners, lenders, buyers, and investors to provide them with the information required to make an informed decision concerning the physical condition of properties and the costs associated with the observed conditions.

Mr. Nierengarten has nearly 15 years of experience in construction, forensics, building failure analysis, condition assessment and storm/fire/water damage analysis. He has been involved in projects in various capacities including on-site condition assessments and testing, project management, and litigation support. He is experienced with a variety of building types including single-and multi-tenant residential, high-and low-rise commercial office, retail, hospitality, education facilities, industrial and government facilities. Mr. Nierengarten has lead teams in the analysis of building failures and storm/fire/water damage through the use of many inspection tools, forensic openings, coordination and involvement in ASTM and AAMA testing, reviews of construction plans, product guidelines and application of the appropriate codes and standards. Many project reports have included detailed repair recommendations, applicable code references and documentation to support his work. He has performed sampling and report work related to Indoor Air Quality and hazardous materials that are often areas of concern when assessing all types of properties. He has provided legal support work on hundreds of projects through his report work, evidence collection, trial preparation, trial exhibits and product research.