CSI Membership - Journey Mapping Project Study


A call for current and former CSI members
to participate in a study to benefit CSI and its members.

The Construction Specifications Institute is conducting a study designed to better know and understand its members, their professional lives and their needs. The information gathered during this process will be used by CSI to complete a Customer Journey Mapping Project focusing on members’ interactions with CSI, to eliminate pain points for members, improve communication and interaction across the organization and to spur innovation. Face-to-face interviews are being done to most accurately capture the perspectives, insights and feelings of CSI members.

You are invited to participate in an hour interview that will focus on your professional background and your personal perspectives on CSI and your own professional needs. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

One hour-long, tape-recorded interviews will be conducted beginning September 12th through September 15th with early morning through early evening appointments open.

Please RSVP to Study Principal Jennifer L Thompson, Ph.D., to set appointment. jthompson@cimatri.com (571) 249-2719 X702