2018 Award Recipients

2018 Honor and Award Winners

The following CSI Award Winners were honored during the CSI Honors and Awards Ceremony at CONSTRUCT 2018.

Distinguished Members 

  • Gregory J. Markling, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CSC, CCS, CCCA
  • Robert W. Simmons, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCPR

Class of Fellows 

  • Michael G. Young, CSI, CCCA
  • David A. Stutzman, CSI, CCS
  • Ross Mori, CSI
  • Jack Morgan, CSI, CCS, CCCA
  • Gene Fosheim, CSI
  • Scott M. Conwell, CSI, CDT
  • Cynthia Belisle, CSI, CDT

Distinguished Service Award  
"Distinguished Service" is defined as notable and significant contributions at the Chapter, Region or Institute level that have furthered the mission of CSI, its standing in the industry or its image to the public.  
  • Daniel Hargreaves, FCSI, CDT

Robert P. Brosseau Award for the Advancement of CSI
This award recognizes CSI members who have been recognized by peers as leaders focused on education and the training and mentoring of students and emerging professionals. 

  • Shane David, CSI, CDT

Andrew J. Drozda Mentorship
This award is presented to a CSI member recognized by their peers as a true mentor, one who espouses leading by example, someone recognized throughout the chapter, region, and even Institute for their actions and is one who is considered a primary support pillar for others to draw strength from and rely on for a foundation for their own participation.

  • Sheryl Dodd-Hansen, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
  • Kurt Moehlmann, CSI, CDT

Norman Hunter Award for Innovative Allied Organization Cooperation 
This award is presented to a CSI member, Chapter, Region or Group recognized by their peers for bringing multiple construction organizations together for a single goal or event.

  • CSI Chicago’s Contractor Engagement Committee

Ben John Small Technical Writing Award
This award is presented to a CSI Member recognized by their peers as an outstanding technical writer and/or expert in their field.

  • Robert Haddock, CSI 

Outstanding Contribution Award 

This award is presented to a CSI member, Chapter, Region or Group that has made commendable contributions that furthers the influence of CSI in the local construction industry; or that increases the visibility of CSI in the local construction industry; or that provides a value-added service to the chapter, region or Institute. 

  • Laura Jean Derrick, CSI
  • CSI South East Region, Training Leadership Committee 

Organizational Certificate of Appreciation

This award is presented to a firm, organization, or association who, in the opinion of their peers, has provided one of the following: Exceptional accomplishments that bring CSI (at the chapter, region or Institute

levels) to the forefront of the construction industry in their respective arenas; or promotes one of tenants of CSI – Education, Certification, or Development of Technology to benefit the construction industry; orworking with the local chapter, region, or Institute to assist with their operations that provide a value-added service. 

  • Associated Builders and Contractors(ABC), Eastern Pennsylvania  
  • Hispanic American Construction Industry Association(HACIA) 

Communication Award
This award recognizes a CSI member, chapter, region or group for outstanding effort in the communication of CSI related topics and activities.  

  • Jeffrey Parnell, CSI– Memphis Chapter Website 
  • Robert Bailey, CSI, CCS– Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter 
  • Richard J. Lueb, FCSI, CCS, CCCA– Oklahoma City Newsletter 
  • CSI Memphis Chapter Publication, PerSPECtive
  • John Dunaway, CSI, CCS-  The Gulf States Leader - e-newsletter 
  • John Dunaway, CSI, CCS– Event Promotional Materials 
  • John Dunaway, CSI, CCS– Mississippi Chapter Newsletter 
  • CSI Chicago Chapter– Chapter Marketing Materials 
  • CSI Chicago Chapter– Chapter Website Redesign 
  • T.J. Chambers, CSI-EP– “Year in Review” Lehigh Valley Booklet 
  • CSINextChapter – CSINext Website 

Specifier Article of the Year
This award is presented to the author(s) of an original article published in the Construction Specifier Magazine during the current fiscal year. 

  • Building in Tight Urban SpacesAugust 2017, Wendy Talarico, CSI, and Frederick C. Baumert, CCS