Free WebReach: Specifying Seamless Floor and Wall Systems

When:  Sep 29, 2021 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)


Discover the benefits, limitations and type of areas for installations of industrial and decorative resinous floor and wall systems. This program walks through various resinous floor coatings, including, slurries, broadcasts, and trowel applied systems. Emphasis is provided on surface preparation and installation requirements. Resinous floor coatings and terrazzo do not need to be complicated and terrazzo is arguably the most sustainable option for project flooring.


  • Identify various resinous flooring systems and their role in the protection of concrete
  • Explore criteria that impact selection such as safety concerns, chemical and impact resistance, moisture vapor control, cost and sustainability
  • Be able to specify proper surface prep and finish texture
  • Review installation process and strategies for ensuring quality application


Matthew Fochs