West Michigan Design and Construction Expo (WMDCx)


Step 1:  Sign in or Create an Account

If you already have an account with CSI, use that same username and password.  If you are new to CSI, click the Create an Account button. The more information you provide the richer your community experience will be. One of the first things you will prompted to do is to agree to the Terms of Service.  You must click Agree at the bottom of the page to gain access.

Note:  Your community access is based on several factors.  Many communities require membership in CSI.  Some are furthermore restricted by your role in CSI (ie. Chapter Leader) or your registration status for an exam or event.

Step 2:  Complete your Profile 

We’ve used information from our database to populate basic parts of your profile, but now it’s time to make it yours. Add your Bio, your Education and your Work History  If you have a LinkedIn account, you can pull your information in automatically. 

Don’t forget to upload your photo!

Step 3:  Your Profile Page.  Your Dashboard.

The tabs along the top of your profile page contain links to help you view and manage your community settings.

My Connections – View your Contacts, your Networks, and your Communities

My Contributions – View your participation in the CSI communities and check how many points you’ve earned

My Account – View your community inbox, change your settings, create your Discussion Forum signature

You can also edit your information in the CSI database as well as view your orders and downloads.

Step 4.  Make Connections

Use the Member Directory to find peers.  You can view their profiles, send messages or invite them to be your contacts.

Your Networks (available on the My Connections tab on your Profile page) are groups you’ve already been matched with based on your profile information.

Step 5:  Join a Community

Using either the My Connections tab on your Profile or the Community navigation, you can find all the Communities you are eligible to join.

When you join a community, the first thing you need to do is specify how you want community discussion forum postings delivered to you:

There are also Daily and Weekly Consolidated Digests options.  Consolidated Digests display activity from all communities in which you are a member.  

Note:  You can have a different setting for each community you join.

 Step 6:  Create your Discussion Forum Signature

Go to your Profile, click on the My Account tab, and select Discussion Forum Signature.  You will be prompted to select from available fields to create your signature.  Some of these fields may not yet be active, so if your signature does not display everything you selected, it will in the near future.

Step 7:  Make your first Discussion Forum posting (or reply to someone else's)

Discussion Forums are the lifeblood of the CSI communities. Some people find that first posting to be intimidating, but remember that everyone is new to this and by posting not only will you get valuable information you need to do your job, but you can also inspire another member to post. 

It's easy - just click the Post a Message link.


Make sure you give your posting a clear, descriptive subject line.  It will greatly improve the quantity and quality of the replies you receive.

Do you want to attach a document, spreadsheet, link or other item to you posting?

  1. Click the “Attach” button
  2. Name your attachment(s)
  3. Browse your computer to select the files to add
  4. Click “Upload

Step 8.  Search. And Find.


Can't find what you need when you need it?  

You'll find the Search box underneath Join Us on the left side or top navigation, so it's accessible from    anywhere in the site.  Search will bring up everything on the site related to your search term.  You can then narrow down the results as needed using the filter checkboxes on the left.



Step 9.  Need help?  Ask for it.

We'll be adding lots of self-service help items over the coming months so you can find help 24/7.  In the meantime, if you're stuck, please contact our Help Desk.

Step 10:  Visit often

Thank you for exploring the new csiresources.org and especially the CSI communities.  More features and content are being added regularly, so don’t be a stranger! 



Seminar information will be forthcoming. Please stay tuned!