Golden Rep: The Next Generation


Golden Rep: The Next Generation

Thursday, September 23: 3:15-4:00 p.m.


Session Description:

This professional development seminar will focus on winning strategies for representatives to enhance their relationships with all design and construction professionals on the journey to becoming a trusted resource. Explore why disrupted construction markets challenge those trying to influence the results. Review the next generation of golden reps and how to gain relevance. Come join the discussion and find out how to be a strategic and trusted resource taking a long-game approach!

During this session, you will learn how top professionals are chosen among their peers to solve complex design problems. We will go over ways to help design professionals find the right solutions best suited for their project needs. Finally, we will explore ways to help them assist their clients navigate through the many different project phases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the perceptions, limitations, and real value that clients expect in trusted relationships
  • Develop a plan to move from “vendor” to “trusted resource” and gain lasting credibility in the eyes of the client and the industry
  • Identify relationship pitfalls and strategies to better understand your client’s expectations and build solutions from the client’s perspective
  • Identify how to embrace technology to become more efficient and collaborative to create mutually beneficial working relationships