COVID Protocol


Public Health Policies and Protocols*

*As of 1/25/21; Policies and protocols will continue to be updated as local and national guidelines evolve.


Safety is a core value of CSI. To that end, CSI and the resort are taking pro-active steps to ensure your health and safety and minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus during the CSI Conference for all participants.


  • Counters, laptops, printers, tables, chairs, handrails, doorknobs, bathroom sinks, toilets and other furniture/equipment/areas with high traffic will be wiped down with antiviral and antibacterial agents frequently throughout the day by the hotel throughout the meeting space.
  • Participants are always requested to wear a mask when on hotel property and outside of individual sleeping rooms, except to eat and drink.
  • The event will be conducted under a “no hugs, no handshaking” policy throughout the meeting area, including common areas, exhibit hall, meeting rooms and at social/meal functions.
  • Signage to encourage pandemic-aware behavior will be posted throughout the meeting area.


  • Provide emergency contact information to CSI during your registration process.
  • Consider whether you may fall into one of the “higher risk” categories identified by public health officials before applying for the event.
  • Do not travel if you are ill or not feeling well. Contact Mary Quigg (703)-380-2977 or


  • CSI staff will always wear face masks when interacting with participants.
  • Contact-free credentials will be provided.


  • Wider aisles between tables to ensure each delegates ability to maintain proper physical distance.
  • One-way aisles to manage flow of traffic in a clockwise direction.


  • Chairs in meeting rooms will be set to allow proper social distancing.
  • Hotel staff will wipe down all high-touch/high-traffic areas frequently throughout the day.


  • All food service will be either pre-packaged or plated meals.
  • Coffee stations will be staffed with attendants.
  • Seating at round tables during meals will be reduced from ten per table to four per table.
  • Handwashing/sanitizing stations will be placed in all rooms where food is served.


  • The hotel has implemented a health screening program for all employees.
  • The hotel has re-trained the entire hotel staff on proper cleaning/disinfecting procedures, personal behavior, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • The hotel is conducting frequent water and air containment testing to ensure proper ventilation and filtration.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at multiple locations in the hotel, including throughout the meeting area.
  • Queue spacing marks have been placed at all bars, restaurants, and retail locations to identify and encourage appropriate social distancing.
  • The hotel has implemented an aggressive cleaning/disinfecting schedule for all public and “high touch” areas
  • Social distancing procedures have been implemented throughout the hotel.
  • Restaurants and other public areas have reduced their maximum capacities to allow for appropriate distancing based on state and local ordinances.
  • Hotel employees will not enter occupied rooms, including guest room attendants.


  • Should you become ill during the event, self-isolate and advise Mary Quigg at (703)-380-2977 or
  • Contact a local emergency room or urgent care center for instructions.
  • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently or using sanitizing stations which will be located throughout the hotel.
  • CSI will continue to work with the hotel and local jurisdictions and will make modifications to ensure the health and well-being of all attendees.