COVID Protocol

*Updated 9/8/2021

Safety is a core value of CSI. To that end, CSI and the hotel are taking proactive steps to ensure your health and safety and minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus during the CSI National Conference for all participants. Understanding there continues to be an inherent risk in attending mass gatherings due to the contagious nature of bacterial and viral diseases, each person should evaluate their risk of such exposure or infection before attending the CSI National Conference. The current policies are noted below but we will continue to evaluate the situation and make adjustments in accordance with local, federal and CDC recommendations.


  • Counters, laptops, printers, tables, chairs, handrails, doorknobs, bathroom sinks, toilets and other furniture/equipment/areas with high traffic will be wiped down with antiviral and antibacterial agents frequently throughout the day by the hotel throughout the meeting space.
  • Participants are always required to wear a mask during the CSI event, except to eat and drink.
  • The event will be conducted based on personal preference for physical contact - whether that be "keep your distance", "fist bumps only", or "handshakes and hugs welcome". Each attendee will have their choice of lanyards to indicate their personal preference.
  • Signage to encourage pandemic-aware behavior will be posted throughout the meeting area.


  • Provide emergency contact information to CSI during your registration process.
  • Consider whether you may fall into one of the “higher risk” categories identified by public health officials before applying for the event.
  • Do not travel if you are ill or not feeling well. Contact Mary Quigg (703) 623-7304 or


  • CSI staff will always wear face masks when interacting with participants.
  • Contact-free credentials will be provided.


      • All food service will be either pre-packaged or plated meals.
      • Handwashing/sanitizing stations will be placed in all rooms where food is served.


      • The hotel has implemented a health screening program for all employees.
      • The hotel has re-trained the entire hotel staff on proper cleaning/disinfecting procedures, personal behavior, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
      • The hotel is conducting frequent water and air containment testing to ensure proper ventilation and filtration.
      • Hand sanitizer is provided at multiple locations in the hotel, including throughout the meeting area.
      • The hotel has implemented an aggressive cleaning/disinfecting schedule for all public and “high touch” areas.
      • Guests can request or opt out of receiving housekeeping.


      • Should you become ill during the event, self-isolate and advise Mary Quigg at (703)-623-7304 or
      • Contact a local emergency room or urgent care center for instructions.
      • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently or using sanitizing stations that will be located throughout the hotel.
      • CSI will continue to work with the hotel and local jurisdictions and will make modifications to ensure the health and well-being of all attendees.


      Hospital: (2.9 miles from hotel)
      Nashville General Hospital
      1818 Albion St.
      Nashville, TN 37208
      Tel: (615) 341-4000

      Urgent Care: (0.8 miles from hotel)
      Concentra Urgent Care
      315 14th Ave N,
      Nashville, TN 37203
      Tel: (615) 321-5698 

      Covid Testing: (0.7 miles from hotel)
      Complete Health Partners at 3rd & Church
      301 Church St, Nashville, TN 37201

      Pharmacy: (0.5 miles from hotel)
      1010 Dr. M.L.K. Jr Blvd.
      Nashville, TN 37203