Gulf States Region

1.  GSR Awards Guide

Posted 15 days ago
Can anyone load up to this site the relevant pages of the Operating Guide to help us slow and behind folks make our awards submissions at the last minute - Thanks a heap.

Construction Document Consultants, LLC
New Orleans LA

2.  RE: GSR Awards Guide

Posted 12 days ago
The Community site is not set up well to have static pages for links to documents. I am working on a way to get around that but have not finalized it yet.

There operating Guide is in the file library. The default view lists everything jumbled together (I'm working on that too) if you select the folder Icon you can open the folders for different file types and the Operating Guide and By-Laws are in the "Region Documents" folder.

Below is the link to the Operating Guide

The link below is to the current Region Newsletter
Keith's article on page 4 notes that the deadline for Region Awards was April 1, 2018 and notes of Institute deadlines.

Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA
Mississippi Chapter

3.  RE: GSR Awards Guide

Posted 9 days ago

Randall – I agree about Community set up for static documents.  It will be a good addition if you find a work around.  I did test the search feature for both GSR Operating Guide and Gulf States Region Operating Guide on  Both searches resulted in a link to the GSR Operating Guide shown either 1st or 2nd in the results listing.  So even if there is not a easily visible document on the region community, at least we know that a quick search will show the GSR Operating Guide.


PS – Thanks Randall for all you do for the Gulf States Region, especially in communications!