October President's Message

  • 1.  October President's Message

    Posted 10-22-2018 21:58
    The September meeting took place at the Austin Central Library, which opened in October 2017. The meeting was set up by the Austin Chapter's President-Elect, William Massingill; in fact, William is the Programs Chair and sets up most of the meetings we all enjoy. In addition to September's meeting, we plan to have more tours of high-profile projects for future chapter meetings. For example, we are working on a tour of the Independent in November. Please note that the date and times of tours may differ from the regular meeting times.
    Also, the national CSI CONSTRUCT show will take place on October 3 through 5 in Long Beach, California. The CSI Austin Chapter President (myself - Anthony Garcia) and emerging professional and Vice President Cameron McElhany will officially represent the CSI Austin Chapter during the show. The conference will be filled with networking and education. During this time, we will both work to understand how other chapters are successful so we can better serve our membership. If you are able, we would appreciate to have a larger representation from the Austin Chapter!
    For our monthly Chapter meeting on October 15, Mr. Ron Finn (Environmental Professional, ASTM Certified; Petroleum Engineer, University Texas at Austin; Texas Real Estate Broker and Instructor) will present an overview of Phase I Environmental Reports and their importance to the design professional during the pre-design phase of projects. Phase I Environmental Reports are used to identify potential or existing environmental contaminant liabilities for projects and provide the information to the project team. In addition, the CSI Austin Vice President, Cameron McElhany, will open with a short overview of the of the CSI Construction Documents Technolgoy (CDT) program's transition from a certificate to a certification. You can expect more emphasis to be placed on preparing you for the CDT in future meetings and programs.

    Anthony Garcia PE, CSI-EP
    President - CSI Austin Chapter