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Why CSI is Relevant

  • 1.  Why CSI is Relevant

    Posted 12-24-2019 12:03
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    Recent Post from our Mississippi Chapter President

    John Dunaway, FCSI, CCS, AIA

    "Our business is still face to face. You wouldn't design a project without meeting the client. Why would you specify a product without knowing the representative? Got a complaint about something? Well, try calling the manufacturer to get a problem solved and see how that works out. I call my architectural representative directly then they go to bat for me with their company, helping solve issues and saving me time. That's because I know them personally. You should know them too."

    This is  clear and concise statement of why CSI is important and relevant in today's Internet age.

    Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA
    JH&H Architects/Planners/Interiors, PA
    Mississippi Chapter CSI


  • 2.  RE: Why CSI is Relevant

    Posted 01-31-2020 12:59
    I will echo John's message regarding the face to face requirement in order to gain those trusted relationships.  The designer / Product Rep is essential, but it does not end with that.  As a subcontractor, I also have those trusted relationships with both my manufacturers, but mainly with the General Contractors I am working with on various projects.  Of course, CSI increased my construction knowledge over the years, and my CCPR designation assisted me in showing me how best to work with the design professionals.
    While it is essential in the way I do business, I am seeing that many of the current students and Emerging Professionals would prefer to send emails and text in their dealings with others.  You cannot read someone's facial reaction through a text.  People's expressions say a lot when face to face.  So sit face to face and work on developing the essential relationships necessary to further your career and expertise.  And being a member of CSI is one of the best ways to accomplish that.​

    M. Keith West FCSI, CCPR, CDT
    West Architectural Specialties
    Ridgeland MS