CSI Chicago Scholarship Competition

Scholarships are open to all non-graduating students pursuing an Architectural Degree and are currently enrolled at a Chicagoland College or University. Up to three scholarships awarded, ranging from $500-$1000 each. 

Entries for scholarship awards will be evaluated based on showing a strong understanding of material selection and system design for your submitted project.  We highly recommend you select a project your developed in your studio or a class.  Entries must include both a narrative and visual element. 

Winners will be announced in the month of March and will be recognized at the CSI Chicago March Chapter Meeting.

Please include the following information with your scholarship submission:


  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Current degree pursuing
  • Current school attending
  • Anticipated graduation year and month
  • Photo (headshot or other photo of yourself) - winners photos will be posted on our website.
  • Personal Statement (maximum 250 words) - briefly share where you are from, why you are interested in the industry, and any future plans/goals you may have

  • Project Narrative (Maximum 500 words) - Narrative text should describe how and why materials were selected for your project, along with any other descriptions or context necessary for your project to be understood. This might include why certain materials were avoided, how site and program affected selection, as well as compatibility and aesthetics drivers. Text should be limited to what is necessary to provide insight into these processes and decisions.
  • Project Visuals (Minimum 1 graphic) - Provide any visuals you believe can provide an understanding of your project and reinforce material and system selection and design. These may include sections, plans, renderings, diagrams, etc.  Visuals should be formatted in PDF or JPEG.
  • Optional Supporting Project Documents: Project specifications and similar documents can be submitted in addition to the above items but are not required.


Submit your information by e-mail to info@csichicago.org.

Submission window:
2020 Scholarship Submission Window To Be Announced

Late or incomplete applications may not be considered.

CSI Chicago at info@csichicago.org