Rebuilding Together 2019

"The home selection was easy. This woman needed our help." 
- Francisco Rosas,
CSI Chicago's Rebuilding Together Committee Member

RT_2019_-_Before_Pictures.jpgMrs. Smith, our selected homeowner, is a loving and endearing 93-year-old woman who lives with her recently disabled daughter, Gloria (63) who is confined to a wheelchair after suffering a stroke. They have lived in their home for the past 46 years and in the last year Mrs. Smith has helped Gloria regain her speech and use of her right side. In the little free time she has, Mrs. Smith enjoys going to church.

Among the many homes available for adoption, the choice was clear.  Our group has the network to obtain the resources to provide this family exactly what they need to live a safe and happy life in their home.

Mrs. Smith's home is in need of serious ADA improvements and repairs.  We are looking to provide this family with a wheel chair lift to allow Gloria to safely come and go from their home, widen doorways for wheelchair access, and make the bathroom ADA accessible with grab bars.  In addition to the critical life safety improvements of the home, we are looking to provide new kitchen cabinets and countertops, new flooring and paint throughout the home, and more. 

Be a part of it. Help make a difference.

 Join us in helping provide this family with their much needed home improvements to live of life of safety and happiness.

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RT_2019_-_Site_Visit_2_23.jpg2/26/18 Committee Update:

This past Saturday morning, 10 of us went to visit Mrs. Smith to do a survey of the home for our Rebuild Day planning.  A couple of people brought some muffins and juice as after some quick introductions we got to work!

We split up into different teams to count outlets, check light fixtures, sketch out a floor plan, measure up the kitchen, survey the bathrooms, and  survey the structural issues in the basement. The kitchen floor was falling apart to the point that you could see down into the basement, luckily Jeremy and John were there with a few supplies on hand and made a temporary patch. As you can see from the photo of her testing the "new floor," Mrs. Smith was very pleased with this temporary fix.  This should hold up until we can provide her a complete new floor in April.

Thank you to those that have contributed to our 2019 Rebuilding Together! 
Please join them in making a difference with us.

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