With our 5th installment of CSi2eye on March 15, 2018, we would like to ask for your input on CSi2con, a new event that the chapter is developing for the fall of this year. Chapter President, Melissa Gibson, previously referred to this new event as the 'cousin' event to CSi2eye at a few meetings and in a few newsletters.

CSi2con vs CSi2eye, what's the difference?

While CSi2eye is an all-day event that brings together:
  1. Building product manufacturers.
  2. The AEC professionals that choose building products.
CSi2con will bring together:
  1. Design and construction service consultants.
  2. The project principals that build teams to pursue work together.

The goal is to provide the opportunity for many high-quality networking/project connections to be made all in one place, all in one day. We have begun building our potential roster for CSi2con. We are prepping CSi2con to launch on October 4, 2018 and will be open to members and nonmembers alike.

To hear more event details or be considered for participation on either side of the table for CSi2con, submit your contact information here, and a member of the event committee will be in touch.