President’s Message: Learnings and insights from the 2021 CSI National Conference

By Jennifer Friedland, CSI, CDT posted 09-27-2021 11:43 AM


This past week, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my fellow CSIrs, in Nashville, TN at the National Conference. As you may know, outside of the many workshops available and highly anticipated award ceremony (CSI Chicago was presented with two awards), we were apprised of some upcoming structural changes from National that will impact CSI Chicago.  The list of changes begins with: new suggested boundaries for chapters within our already outlined region, a significant change (for Chicago) in membership dues value and distribution for each chapter beginning with the member renewal process, a new logo and brand promise for the association, and a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, among other newly realized paths that will surely develop as the year passes.  We are anticipating receiving these changes in outline form along with our new chapter affiliation agreement soon and will keep the membership updated.

Candidly, I have mixed emotions related to some of these proposed changes.  If these changes are implemented and unmodified as is, CSI Chicago will likely have to pivot as we gain an understanding on how these changes impact our current processes, operational costs and revenue streams. As the largest chapter in the country, I will continue to ask questions to uncover the Institutes anticipated result for the boundary and dues change.

All said, it is my commitment to the CSI Chicago chapter membership that we will work through these structural changes and continue to accomplish our mission to advance the greater Chicago area design and construction community’s knowledge of building information management, construction technology, and project delivery methods to improve facility performance while fostering relationships and promoting education We will continue offering best in class education with our programs, continue developing CSIs certification study session offering, continue our philanthropic path through programs like Rebuilding Together, Chicago Mobile Makers, and investing in local relationships with organizations to strengthen our commitment to our city. Anyone who wishes to join CSI Chicago will know they belong, we will continue to recognize individual contributions and importantly, have fun!


In the short term, I would encourage every member to share their opinions and ideas with myself and our Board of Directors. I plan to work with our Communications Committee to establish a source for feedback to ensure we encapsulate our collective voice.