President Message: Utilizing Digital Technology To Drive Engagement & Connection

By Brad Schwab, CSI, CDT posted 06-27-2020 09:46


There is no denying that you, our members and our partners, are facing a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19 as we head into our 2020/2021 Fiscal Year. One thing I am certain of is you can count on CSI Chicago to be there for you all while we continue our mission to advance the greater Chicago area design and construction communities knowledge of building information management, construction technology, and project delivery methods to improve facility performance while fostering relationships and promoting education.

Our plan for this upcoming year is simple, utilize digital technology to drive engagement and connection. Our chapter has always done a great job of connecting the Chicago AEC Community by utilizing in-person events that included high level technical education programming, in-person social events, in-person community involvement projects and digital communication platforms. We are committed to delivering you, our members and partners, the same level of education, networking, community involvement and communication by utilizing our robust website capabilities, Zoom meeting technology and digital communication platforms until it makes sense to bring us back together in-person. We will get back to in-person events, but I am confident this push to utilize more technology will better the chapter for the future and will provide more opportunities for members to engage beyond just in-person events. Utilize our website tools below today as there are a lot of digital tools available for member and partner utilization.

M2M Tools
Remote Learning Library

Due to the abrupt shift to utilizing digital technology, plus our need to be able to adapt quickly to the uncertainty ahead we will be simplifying the number of committees we have. The 2020/2021 Board of Directors has already approved the ten committees and has identified our committee chairs.  Please take time to read the committee descriptions on our website and members can use the volunteer sign-up form to raise their hand to get involved and help.

Thank you Andrea Baird for your leadership this past year and thank you all for the opportunity to serve as this year’s Chapter President. This organization means a lot to me and I am honored and excited to work with you all this year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Brad Schwab