November 2018 Chapter Meeting Recap

By Beth Winkler posted 11-28-2018 15:33


Chapter Meeting: Tuesday November 27, 2018_November_2018_Chater_Meeting_-_Thank_you.jpg

Alchemy of Architecture

There was a lot of great chemistry at this month’s Chapter Meeting. The 70+ attendees were compatible with both the announced Rebuilding Together Fundraiser and our guest speaker Dave Kimball from PROSOCO.

We kicked off the night with an exciting announcement that in honor of Giving Tuesday, CSI Chicago would match up to $1,000 donated that night to our 2019 Rebuilding Together Initiative. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the attendees as we received $1,550 of donations in 3 hours which helped maximize CSI Chicago’s offer of matching up $1,000. A proud moment that proved CSI Chicago and Giving Back have strong chemistry.

The Rebuilding Together Fundraiser was followed up by a “Alchemy of Architecture” presentation by Dave Kimball from PROSOCO. Dave’s presentation style was very collaborative which lead to great discussions amongst the crowd about the chemistry of a number of products and solutions.
Dave’s presentation covered the following learning objectives:
  • Become familiar with typical architectural materials and chemistries currently available on the market.
  • Understand what compatibility is and what common materials you should be careful with.
  • Review common details where differing products/assemblies must interface.
  • Understand the importance of sequencing related to material chemistry.

Attendees were asking for a recommendation on a chemistry reference book during the event and member Nicholas Niedospial, AIA, CSI, CCS shared with us that his go to book is Lectures on Materials Science for Architectural Conservation by Giorgio Torraca.

Thank you to Dave Kimball for your presentation and to our tabletop presenters - BASF / Senergy Wall Systems, GCP Applied Technologies, Life Safety Hardware, Owens Corning, & PROSOCO.