Ways to Recognize New Certificants

Ways to Recognize New Certificants

There are plenty of opportunities for chapters to recognize members and prospects who have earned their CDT or certification. Here are a few ideas for honoring the industry’s best!

At Your Next Chapter Meeting:

  • Announce names of new CDT & certified members
  • Take photos of new certificants shaking hands with Chapter President/Certification Chair
  • Have a receiving line so members and guests can express their congratulations
  • Highlight new certificants in meeting’s agenda or program
  • Host a reception or dessert party to honor new certificants
  • Seat new certificants at head table
  • Ask new certificants to select the evening’s menu or technical program
  • Provide special ribbons or buttons to new certificants announcing their achievement
  • Present new certificants with CSI memorabilia, gift certificates, or certificate frames
  • Invite the spouses/employers of new certificants to join in the recognition celebration
  • Invite new nonmember certificants to be guests of honor at your next chapter meeting

Other Ideas:
  • Announce new certificants in your chapter newsletter and post on your chapter’s web site
  • Ask certificants to speak about the benefits of earning certification
  • Send a letter of congratulations from the chapter President or Certification Chair
  • Issue press releases to local newspapers and construction industry firms proudly announcing the achievements of your chapter members
  • Start a ‘Wall of Fame’ for your chapter. Each month add the new CDTs, CCSs, CCCAs, and CCPRs
  • Create a table-top presentation with certificants’ names, CSI's Project Resource Manual - CSI Manual of Practice, study guides, and information on future exams and study courses for display at chapter meetings, product shows, and other industry events

Remember, recognition boosts the value of the CDT, CCS, CCCA, and CCPR designations as well as participation among industry members!

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