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11 Things Construction Professionals Look for at Active Worksites

By Peter Kray posted 08-20-2019 17:19


What do construction industry professionals look for or notice first when they drive by active construction projects?

These 11 replies to that exact question on the CSI Community Connect forum provide insight on what they notice first. See the entire conversation, and add your thoughts.

Stormwater controls—silt fences, grass mats, etc.—and the cleanliness of the site.
Tara Alsip CSI, CDT, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

The construction sign. What is being built.
John A. Feick, AIA, CSI, LEED AP

I always look to see who the ‘players’ are—architect, contractor, consultants.
Anne Whitacre FCSI, CCS, LEED AP

I see the details of how they're bringing the different materials together, and then sometimes wonder about the code infractions that go along with it.
Darv Dombach RA, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

When I pass a construction site, I am looking for how well the erosion is controlled. Contractors must be taught BMP’s as well as be held accountable for any breaches and fined accordingly. Sites that create muddy water because of poor BMP's are reported to the appropriate local and state authorities.
Rebecca Berggren CSI, CDT

Sheathing, weather/air barrier, fenestration flashing—I look to see where it's going to leak.
Ronald Mueller CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT

I notice the organization, or lack thereof. You can get a fairly accurate assessment of where the project is (schedule, quality, trade coordination etc…), by looking at the site for a few minutes. Very organized, proper environmental controls, neat sites with safety in mind really impress me, and in my home area I can generally predict the contractors on that site.
David Weber MBA, CSI, LEED GA

If I am out of my territory traveling, I always want to see if ‘my’ waterproofing and air barrier products are on the job! Then I look to see whose it is and if I can recognize the latest products. It’s difficult to see below grade jobs from the street, unless you get a little too nosy! Air barrier jobs are easy to spot. It’s a fun game.
Jill Heidorf CSI

The first thing I notice is the protective fencing. That’s the visual cue that says, “Houston, we have a construction site.” The first thing I focus on is how the site is organized—is it an ordered job or a chaotic mess? You can learn a lot about how the project will go based on these two pieces of information.
Chris Murdock CSI

What kind of Personal Protective Equipment the workers are wearing, if any.​
Eric Murrell RA, CSI, CCS, CDT

Tower cranes. Structural steel erection. In other words, stuff that rises above surrounding features.
Kevin O'Beirne, PE, FCSI, CCS, CCCA