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Meet the 2021 CSI Board: Director-at-Large George Wade Bevier

By CSI HQ posted 06-08-2020 18:41


George Wade BevierThe 2020 CSI Board Election results are in, and beginning in July the AEC industry will welcome a new board of talented, respected, and goal-driven members to keep driving the association into the future.

Full Election Results:


Meet Director-at-Large George Wade Bevier, FCSI, CCS, LEED AP, SCIP, USGBC, CDT® and read about his goals for the board.


How did you first become involved with CSI, and how has that helped your professional experience grow?


I was hired to become a specifier back in 1998 with the caveat that I would get my (then) CDT certificate and follow this with achieving my CCS certification. My immediate supervisor was a longtime CSI advocate and instrumental in leading the process for a new chapter charter in the Mid-West and a staunch advocate for the CSI institute. His mentorship and ongoing support of CSI was and is a significant factor in my growth as a professional in this field.


What are your goals as a member of the CSI Board?


As a member of the CSI Board I look forward to collaborating with the other board members and staff. Once oriented on the current efforts and issues underway within the institute I hope to actively engage and determine how these can be fine-tuned and implemented on behalf of all the membership.


What are the top opportunities you see for CSI?


The Institute history is one of determining and supporting the efforts to organize and bring an understanding to the process and content of documentation and needs of the design and construction process. The Institute founders saw a need and collaborated to develop tools and delivery processes that support that need.


There are new challenges currently underway that in my opinion need a similar effort in order to bring to the design and construction community the tools and systems that expand on the existing and perhaps as yet discovered tools and delivery methods.


To develop, in collaboration with other related organizations, the systems to utilize the experience and understanding of the needs of our industry.


How can the AEC community continue to help each other navigate through this crisis?


Ongoing communication and commitment to the mutual goals are critical to the success of all parties.


I have been invited as one of a distinguished group of individuals monitoring the recently launched Covid-19 Response Team Community on the CSI website. This can become a means to communicate with the members and related professionals to share and suggest ways to navigate this crisis.


What do you feel are the top resources that CSI provides?


Today CSI offers some well-accepted resources including the various formatting tools (MasterFormat, Section Format, and Page Format) along with the certification system to train for how to execute the documentation. The Institute also has developed and produced the supporting manuals and resource materials that all are each an industry standard. These resources all include an understanding of what and why to use each delivery method.


Do you have a favorite project or work experience you would like to share?


I have advocated and supported the certification preparation and training since my first days in CSI. I will continue to support our efforts and ongoing emphasis to support and expand the Institute mission to develop and deliver these tools on a national and international effort to support the needs of today’s design/construction community.


Is there anything else you would like your fellow members to know?


I want the members of the board, some of whom I have worked with before and some who are new to me and bring additional insight to the goals of the board, that I will listen and support all proposals.


When asked to vote for proposals brought to the floor I will vote on behalf of the best interests of the membership and ultimately with the intent to be looking forward and in the best interests of the members and their future.