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Meet the 2021 CSI Board: Treasurer William A. Hayward, Jr.

By CSI HQ posted 05-19-2020 11:42



The 2020 CSI Board Election results are in, and beginning in July the AEC industry will welcome a new board of talented, respected, and goal-driven members to keep driving the association into the future.


Meet returning Treasurer William A. Hayward, Jr., (Chip), CSI, CCCA, CDT®, and see what he believes are CSI’s ‘top opportunities.’

How did you first become involved with CSI, and how has that helped you professionally?


I first became involved with CSI in 2006, when a fellow worker invited me to a CEU dinner program, and I realized that I still had a lot to learn about design and construction, even though I had been in the industry for over 20 years. Through my CSI contacts/network, and the certification programs, my design and building knowledge base has increased exponentially. I have a number of trusted advisors I can reach out to when I need feed back or technical knowledge; these resources are unparalleled by any other organization. The Certification programs have helped sharpen my skill set and set me apart from my competitors.


What are your goals as a member of the CSI Board?


As the Treasurer, my goal is to keep the Institute on track fiscally, maintaining the Institute’s legacy as an organization that is relevant to all age groups and construction industry leaders, through innovation and continued improvement of our certification programs. Collectively the current (and previous Institute Boards) through dedication, forward thinking and skillful leadership, have made great improvements in our governance and  we are poised to make CSI even greater.


What are the top opportunities you see for CSI?


In my opinion, CSI remains a vital component of the construction industry to help educate and elevate our colleagues, in addition to the inclusive networking opportunities that we offer as an organization.  This is even more relevant today, particularly on the technical aspects and project administration procedures of how buildings get designed and built through a collaborative process, involving all project participants. We need to step up our CDT, CCCA, CCS and CCPR training programs and ensure that they continue to provide value to our industry and follow through on the process that has already been initiated. We need to take a hard look at Construct, and make this a vibrant and value-added venue again, that parallels other industry conventions; collectively I believe we can do better. We cannot be complacent.


What sets CSI apart from other organizations is our inclusive and instinctively collaborative nature. I think the Specifier Retreats have been a huge success, and I think this program should be expanded in the future. The Dynamic Chapter program was a start in the right direction for bettering Chapter relations. We need to continue to work on supporting the Chapters to help them engage new members and future leaders. We need to continue doing what has made us successful and relevant in the past, while concurrently seeking innovative ideas for improvement.


How can the AEC community continue to help each other navigate through this crisis?


Continued positive and effective communication; we need to focus on the future, with the hope and knowledge that this too shall pass.


During these stressful times, although many of us are working from the home office, (or the kitchen), and we cannot spend time with our elderly family members, and even though the dog barks in the background during our conference call, (while we fumble to find the mute button again), we have to look for the silver linings where we can. I personally have a lot to be thankful for: I am still busy, our projects are still getting built, my daily commutes are shorter, I get to have breakfast/lunch and dinner with my immediate family, and hopefully in a few months we’ll look back on our wake and this will all be well behind us and just a blip in time; Just like Y2K (Remember that?)!


Be Safe, Be Smart, Practice Good Hygiene!


What you feel are that top resources that CSI provides?


We need to provide continued support to our Chapter Leaders and provide the opportunities for growth and development of our future leaders. We have got to build on our successes and capitalize on emerging technology and diversity of revenue streams. The CDT, CCCA, CCS and CCPR training programs that we have developed need to be recognized as gold standards within our industry and promoted to colleges and universities as the “go to”  project delivery and technical training programs, resulting in a highly sought credential within our industry and recognized as such by the liability insurers/carriers.


Do you have a favorite project, or work experience you would like to share?


Of course my favorite project is the next one that I get a contract on!


My most memorable project was working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Raymond James Stadium and the Pirate Ship; I always wanted to be a naval architect and finally got my chance. The ship never left dry dock, however I did get a Super Bowl Ring when the Buccaneers won. 


Is there anything else you would like your fellow members to know?


CSI has been a great experience for me, both personally and professionally, however you have to get plugged in, and actively engage with your fellow members; with a little effort the reward and pay back is tenfold.


I have made some lifelong friends during my CSI involvement, and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to serve on the Board and to give back our industry.